The TODA Board of Directors would like to call your attention to important legislation that is currently under consideration in the Texas State Legislature.

HB 434 is being heard on the floor of the Texas House on Tuesday, March 9th, and could have a significant impact on Fine Arts programs across the state. If passed, this bill would allow CTE courses to be substituted for the Fine Arts credit currently required for high school graduation.

TODA believes Fine Arts education is essential to the development of Texas students.

The full text of the bill being considered can be found here:

We are asking you to take a moment to review the bill and contact your representatives with your concerns.

You can send an email to your elected officials by using the link below:

Additionally, we ask you and other fellow supporters of Fine Arts education to register your support for the Texas Arts Education Campaign by clicking the link below:

It's not too late to let your voice be heard!